Crosswind Aviation, LLC offers aircraft management that is DETAILED and TRANSPARENT with the aircraft owner. Having our own private airfield & 7200 square foot heated hangar offers the ultimate in management convenience and superior cost savings to those who choose to base their aircraft with us. It is also our gateway for quick air dispatch to our other managed aircraft across the state. Below are some highlights of our services along with some images and screenshots.

--- Aircraft Detail and Preventative Maintenance
--- Electronic spreadsheets track every single expense, flight, and aircraft cycles/times
--- Automated maintenance tracking
--- Aircraft Trend Data recording
--- "Cloud" based Receipt uploads -- in chronological order -- Available immediately to accounting
"Cloud" based backup of aircraft logs -- preserve the value of your aircraft / investment
--- 4 HOLES Field is just outside of Orangeburg and centrally located in South Carolina

Richie Smith / / Orangeburg, SC

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